Pink Floid (Triple Petal Rose White Adenium Bonsai Plant)


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Botanical Name

Adenium obesum

Common Name(s)

  • Desert Rose
  • Sabi Star

Product Description

The Pink Floid Adenium is a captivating succulent shrub prized for its unique, triple-petaled white flowers. This easy-to-care-for plant brings a touch of elegance and tranquility to any indoor or outdoor space.

What’s Included in the Wayfloral Online Pink Floid Adenium Plant Package?

  • One Pink Floid Adenium Bonsai Plant (approximately 5 inches tall) in a black plastic pot.
  • Care instructions

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About Adenium Plants

Adeniums, also known as Desert Roses, are captivating succulent shrubs native to the hot, arid regions of Africa, the Middle East, and Madagascar. These slow-growing stunners are prized for their captivating beauty and surprising resilience.

Care Level:

Easy for beginners


Africa, the Middle East, and Madagascar

Pet Friendly:

No, the sap of the Adenium plant is toxic to people and pets.

Fun Facts:

  • The Pink Floid Adenium’s triple-petaled white flowers are a unique variation of the classic Adenium bloom.
  • Adeniums are popular bonsai plants due to their thick caudex and ability to be trained.

What Makes Wayfloral Different?

We offer a wide variety of Adenium plants, including unique flowering varieties like the Pink Floid Adenium. We also provide detailed care instructions to help you keep your plant healthy and thriving.

Care Guide for Pink Floid Adenium

Here are some tips for growing your Pink Floid Adenium Bonsai Plant:

  • Light:

    Provide plenty of bright, direct sunlight, or outdoor sun exposure (at least 6-8 hours daily).
  • Soil:

    Plant your Adenium in a well-draining cactus mix.
  • Water:

    Water deeply when the soil is completely dry to the touch. Avoid overwatering.
  • Fertilizer:

    Fertilize once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer diluted to half strength. Withhold fertilizer during the winter months.
  • Pruning:

    Prune in the spring or early summer to encourage branching and maintain shape.

Visit our Adenium 101 page to learn more about growing and caring for Pink Floid Adenium plants and keep yours blooming beautifully!


Your Pink Floid Adenium needs plenty of bright, direct sunlight, or outdoor sun exposure (at least 6-8 hours daily).

Water your Adenium deeply when the soil is completely dry to the touch. Avoid overwatering, as this can lead to root rot.

Use a balanced fertiliser diluted to half strength during the growing season. Withhold fertiliser during the winter months.

Yes, the sap of all Adenium plants is toxic to people and pets.

Yes! Pink Floid Adeniums can thrive outdoors in warm climates with full or partial sun exposure. In colder climates, they are best grown as houseplants.


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